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Communication Bugs – 0 – Title Slide

This is the second and final video on Observing Communications. Based on the analysis method explained in the first video, I will now suggest some techniques that can help to improve matters when I observe communication bugs.

Communication Bugs – 2 – Example Process Problem #1

Assuming that I have practiced enough to be able to easily identify the INTENT and CONTENT of a transaction, recovering from a mismatch in either of them is quite easy. Suppose that I say to someone, “Have you any spare budget?” and they try to laugh off the question...

Communication Bugs – 3 – Example Process Problem #2

In my second example, there is a mismatch in CONTENT. I say, “I’m worried about this”, and the reply is, “It’s typical of a big company”. My transaction contained EMOTIONS, whereas the content type of the response is OPINION. As for the previous example, I can either...

Communication Bugs – 6 – People Debug Technique #3

The final debug technique applies to the bug zone AND the fail zones. It’s based on the Process Communication Model, already mentioned. This functional model has been tried on over a million people over about 30 years, and it’s predictions are pretty good. The model...

Communication Bugs – 7 – References

These two videos on Observing Communications are an adaptation for Customer-Facing Engineers of well-established and extremely impressive work by Eric Berne and others. They are listed here.