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How to navigate the Learning Management System and find Resources


Training Database Structure

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Module-Section-Topic structure in which these resources are organised.

Each Series of Modules can be thought of as a separate training course. There is an Introductory/Lite series, a Video series and an Audio series.

The Modules correspond to major topics.

Sections are used to break the Modules down into “bite sized chunks”. For example, the videos in the each section of the Video series are about 12 minutes long each (better than having a single video of over an hour at the Module level!).

Topics are the leaves of the tree, where individual media items are stored: video film, audio tracks, images, documents.

My Modules – Overview

You can access the database through the My Modules menu item in two different ways. If you know exactly which Section you want to look at, then it is quickest to use My Modules/Modules Map.  If you prefer to browse, My Modules/Modules Overview is a better way to go:

If you click on My Modules directly (without selecting a sub-menu), then you should see the summary of the 3 Series of Modules:

My Modules – Intro Series

Clicking on the ICON9-Lite button (bottom-left in the above screenshot) will take you down to the four ICON9-Lite sections.  This course is particularly simple, since it has only one Module, and so the navigator does not stop at the Module level but presents the Sections directly:

My Modules – Video Series

Now back up to the Overview pages (2 images back) and select the Video Series. You should then see the six Modules of the Video Series:

If, in the above image, you select Encounter Basics, the five Sections of this Module will be shown, plus a Check that can be done before, after or during your progress through the module:

Click on  ‘Encounter Process’ in the above image and you will descend to that Section, from where you can select either the Video or one of the Slides:

This is what the Video looks like. Notice that there is a Navigator panel on the right, so that you can quickly go to other sections in the Module.  There is also a ‘Back to Section’ pointer, so that you can go back up a level (in order to look at particular slides, for example) :

This is what a Slide looks like.  Note that the script of the Video is shown beneath the slide:

My Modules – Modules Map

Once you know where you are going, you can access a Section faster by selecting My Modules/Modules Map from the menu.  The Modules Navigator then appears:

My Modules – Audio Series

Now click on My Modules directly (without selecting a sub-menu) and you should see the summary of the 3 Series of Modules again:

In the screen above, click on the Audio series button and the nine ICON9 tools should show – each Section corresponds to a tool:

If you select the MAP tool in the above screen, the four audio MAP examples are shown:

Click on one of the four examples, and you go down into that Section, from where you can select either an audio track or a script:

If you select an audio track, it’s actually a video that will be played!  This is so that something other than a blank, black box appears on the screen:

If you select a script, then it looks like this:

My Modules – Modules Status

You can get a Ststus Report, summarising your progress through the Modules, by clicking on the My Modules/Modules Status menu item:

My Stuff

The Support page can be accessed directly from the My Stuff menu (My Stuff/Support) and it looks like this:

The Downloads page can be accessed directly from the My Stuff menu (My Stuff/Downloads) and it looks something like this:

Information on the Client Encounters book can be accessed directly from the My Stuff menu (My Stuff/Client Encounters Book) and it looks like this: