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Welcome and Why – 7 – Needs

This illustrates two points. We need time to think and reflect. And we need structure to help the thinking process. These two observations are especially true for busy Customer-Facing Engineers.  

Welcome and Why – 8 – ICON9

The ICON9 system was designed with these points in mind. As you may know, Client Encounters of a Technical Kind is not only the name of this video series, it is also a book. Both the course and the book invite you to take time out to think about your work and your...

Welcome and Why – 9 – Key Points

In summary, we work in a complex, exciting environment, which is great! But we don’t want to burn out, nor do we want to turn into thoughtless, customer support machines. We need time to reflect, and we need to bring some structure to guide our thoughts and actions...

Terminology – 0 – Title

In this video, I will introduce some terminology and concepts that will be used throughout the video series, and also discuss some of the benefits that you may expect from it.

Terminology – 1 – The Customer-Facing Engineer (CFE)

First of all, what are Customer-Facing Engineers? What I have in mind, firstly, are Applications, Marketing and Sales Engineers. However, Field Operations being such a complex arena, engineers in many other roles may also do customer-facing work: Product Engineers,...