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Taking Control

1. Negotiation Context

Negotiation is a valuable skill for Customer-Facing Engineers, and the SUBROUTINE tool is a valuable aid when the need arises.

2. The TABLE Tool

For individual and (especially) team preparation of encounters where negotiation is expected, the TABLE tool captures multiple best practices.

3. Dealing With Manipulation

This lesson concerns the psychology of negotiation and how to deal with constraints, power and manipulation.

4. Evals - part 1

For those who support Product Evaluations, these three lessons provide a structured view of challenges and tactics. They start by looking at whether it is a good idea in the first place …

5. Evals - part 2

This lessons gives guidelines on setting the scope of a Product Evaluation – and how to negotiate that scope with customers.

6. Evals - part 3

The final lesson on evaluations looks at best practices for their execution – how to win the business!

Self-Assessment Tool

For use before, during or after working through other resources.