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Getting Help and Collaboration

1. Indirect

This lesson looks at the challenges of influencing outcome over which we have no direct control – a common dilema for Customer-Facing Engineers.

2. The OAR Tool

OAR is a simple tool that brings to mind several important principles for indirect influencing. It embodies the systemic approach …

3. The Systemic Approach

Engineers and experts in general are good at solving complicated problems, for which an analytical method is important. However, some issues require an alternative approach …

4. Ok Communication

To influence, one’s message must be well-received, but clients’ prefered communication styles vary widely. How do we achieve a match?

5. Communication Bugs

Having understood how to recognise a client’s style, it is possible to anticipate, intercept and even remedy certain communication bugs.

Self-Assessment Tool

For use before, during or after working through other resources.