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Encounter Basics

1. Encounter Process

Before we start talking about tools, let’s look at the Encounter Process – a very useful concept that helps to organise our thoughts about what goes on when we meet a customer.

2. Meeting Preparation and MAP

Preparing to meet a client is like getting ready for a journey. I’m too busy to plan in as much detail as I might like, but the least I can do is get a MAP before setting off.

3. Starting Meetings and PAGE

While my MAP helped helped me envisage the road ahead, it couldn’t predict the weather! When I meet my client, I have ot revise my assumptions and get in sync with them …

4. Discovery and DISCOVER-Y

It’s best to approach client meetings with an exploratory mindset, even if the ultimate goal is to conquer new territory! ┬áDiscovery is greatly helped by the DISCOVER-Y tool.

5. On Listening and Angry Clients

Going beyond the tools, this section discusses a couple of subjects of importance to client encounters – practices for quality listening and dealing with irritated or angry customers.

Self-Assessment Tool

For use before, during or after working through other resources.